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These precision made pyramid generators use advanced alloys and antenna design to collect and radiate high levels of PYRAMID ENERGY.  The gold titanium alloy shafts are ENERGIZED with a one million volt tesla coil to create constant high energy output.  The pyramid shafts are held in the correct Cheops pyramid shape by our unique jewel-like connectors.  The open design allows objects to be placed in or out of  the pyramid without disturbing its alignment.  A special platform attaches to the top of the pyramid so you can place objects there for faster results.  Each pyramid comes with a compass so you can align it to magnetic north.  Many sizes are available so you can choose one to suit your own needs.  The larger the pyramid the greater the output of energy.  Use several different sizes inside each other to increase energy output. 

Pyramid generators are available in 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 inch base sizes.  Gold anodize.   

Choose the size you want below by checking the appropriate box or we will ship the 10 inch model by default.  Comes with Compass.



10 inch kit box for retail stores. For information Contact Nick

Pyramid Energy Pyramid Retail Box

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Price is for 10 inch which will be shipped unless you choose otherwise below.

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Sylvia Foidl
5 of 5 Stars
I have had different sizes of these pyramid generators and I am impressed with the power that is generated by these. One is above my bath tub - one above my kitchen table - one in my green house - and the Mother Ship above my bed. The power of the pyramids have become a very normal occurence in my life. My plants thrive beautifully; the crops are more than plentiful - all my food and water is charged in the pyramid before it is consumed; the energy is simply high and resonates with my being - creating a powerful and peaceful environment around me - I feel the power of the pyramids and they are very useful in creating a peaceful and healthy environment. I love them!
Stephen Gethers
5 of 5 Stars
Keeps my fruit fresh and bananas are basically energy bars now lol what more can you ask for?
rachel rush
5 of 5 Stars
Hi Nick- I recieved both pyramids and love them, my mom will too- I'm excitted for her to open it. Right away all my cats and dogs were very interested in it, it was funny. Thank you so, so much for sending me one- you have no idea how it makes me feel. In a world consumed by things/thoughts/acts that don't matter so much in the end, it's nice to know that true human kindness and energy connection does matter and people like you believe in them. Peace Always!!!
raymond tatro
5 of 5 Stars
i got a 20 and 15 inch pyramid from nick and i used them both in a radionics grid i am a truck driver and was in a truck stop in houston tx i set the grid up on my seat while i was in the back i have a generator beamer and decided to put the 2 pyramids from nick on top of the generator beamer and hang it over the grid tieing it to a baseball bat over my seat.. the energy was incredible i was in back doing paperwork and i noticed a mexican guy walking in front of the truck and it was amazing he suddenly stopped as if he was slapped with the energy.. he stood there for a few minutes and i was laughing quietly as i watched he was looking to try to figure out what he was feeling.. finally he walked to the truck stop a little while later he came back and once again he stopped and was looking around to try to see what was happening. i saw him walk back by later a few times looking and then he was telling another guy about it and the other guy came and stood in front of the truck i really lau
Colin Lyons
5 of 5 Stars
I have been fascinated with pyramids from a Child. One of my first experiences with "pyramids" was when I was a young child (about 6 to 7) growing up in London England. There was a particular Ice Cream Popsicle, that as kids we loved to eat during the summer. It was shaped in the form of a pyramid. It had the Popsicle stick in it and it was a three sided deal and was wrapped in a peel off hard paper wrapper. WE LOVED THEM.I can remember things that happened vividly, from that time of my childhood, my dreams were also very clear. Perhaps some bright person should start manufacturing them. Discovering this web site and seeing the fantastic things that Mr. Nick Edwards is doing is truly amazing. I have made some small pyramids made out of card board and a skeletal pyramid mad of plastic rods. They sharpen my old razors. I mean razors that I would normally discard after one month's use. I am shaving with razor blades six and seven months old,No Cuts no rough shave. Real smooth.
bohy marc
5 of 5 Stars
Dera nick, as i told you I have well received my pyramid generator model 30-inch base - best seller, gold color. The shipping was very fast ... only one week or less to receive my pyramid in Belgium : congratulations ! I was coming back home after my working day and I was a bit tired. So I decided to test immediately my new pyramid; I decided to install it in my bedroom and I decided to have a rest immediately ! I immediately felt the high energy produced being under my pyrami. At first I thought that perhaps with this amount of energy it could be hard to fall asleep ... but I was wrong because some minutes later I fall completely asleep... I had a very interesting dream revealing me some family problem concerning my daughter that I ignored before. The dream seems strangely real ... and it was because my daughter confimed the content of my dream later ! When I get up I was no more tired at all and I was very satisfied and excited with this first experiment ! I recommend to everyone

Nubian Pyramids
THE NUBIAN - A PYRAMID FOR THE NEW MILLENNIUM Our new Nubian Pyramids were designed and developed by Nick Edwards and Dr. Patrick Flanagan to be the most powerful on the planet. The Nubian Pyramid design uses the Fibonacci ratio directly with the base and upright tubes.

Dr. Patrick Flanagan, the author of the International best selling book "Pyramid Power" and the world's foremost authority on anti-aging, spent many years researching the similar Russian designed Nubian Pyramids. The Russians have been using the Nubian design Pyramids for faster healing, increased food nutrition, bigger crop yields and accelerated learning in schools for many years. The Russian researchers found that the Nubian (Fibonacci) Pyramids are as much as 20 times more powerful than a Cheops type design and take up one half the floor space.

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 12 June, 2007.


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14" Nubian Pyramids are powerful new pyramids designed by Nick Edwards and Pat Flanagan