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"The Giza Power Plant"  Technologies of Ancient Egypt... by Christopher Dunn. This master engineer shows how the Great Pyramid possibly created a harmonic resonance with the Earth, alowing this crystal edifice to convert the Earth's vibrational energies into an unlimited supply of electricity.  Christopher Dunn also shows that all the stones that were cut and dressed in ancient Egypt had tell-tale machine marks on them.  The same type of machine marks of modern milling and drilling machines.

The Giza Power Plant is the most important book concerning the Great Pyramid written in the last 20 years.   Mechanical engineer Christopher Dunn reverse-engineers the Great Pyramid at Giza to discover its use and reveals the pyramid energy within. His startling conclusions completely destroy the traditional thoughts that the pyramid was built with copper tools by a society that lacked the wheel. While most of the revisionist pyramid studies and theories are riddled with ridiculous unsound pyramid theories that give the topic pf pyramids and pyramid energy a bad name, The Giza Power Plant takes into account the existing facts and known pyramid artifacts without having to rely on the unprovable theories. If you are interested in the truth about pyramid energy this book is a must-read for pyramid truth seekers.

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THE NUBIAN - A PYRAMID FOR THE NEW MILLENNIUM Our new Nubian Pyramids were designed and developed by Nick Edwards and Dr. Patrick Flanagan to be the most powerful on the planet. The Nubian Pyramid design uses the Fibonacci ratio directly with the base and upright tubes.

Dr. Patrick Flanagan, the author of the International best selling book "Pyramid Power" and the world's foremost authority on anti-aging, spent many years researching the similar Russian designed Nubian Pyramids. The Russians have been using the Nubian design Pyramids for faster healing, increased food nutrition, bigger crop yields and accelerated learning in schools for many years. The Russian researchers found that the Nubian (Fibonacci) Pyramids are as much as 20 times more powerful than a Cheops type design and take up one half the floor space.

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