Enter the Pyramid Store
Reprint from
Los Angeles Free Press
Volume 13, No. 8 (605) Feb. 20-26, 1975
Freely hanging from the acoustic paneled ceiling are aluminum
alloy tubes joined together to form various sized replicas of
the Great Pyramid in Egypt.

This is the Van Nuys office of designer Nick Edwards who speaks of rediscovered knowledge from the past that can be used to create new experiences and greater awareness in the present. “What I say is going to happen - if it hasn’t happened already. Pyramids will be talked about more than sharks, Cher and the Kennedy assassination put together”, he said like an emissary of a former time.
A skeptic asks, “Why the pyramid shape, and what is this secret energy within it that can alter the present and future of man?” With care for his words, Edwards replies, “We’re kind of like Edison was before the turn of the century with electricity. He didn’t understand it, but he said, ‘Look, you can light up houses and cities with light bulbs without dangerously catching everything on fire.’ We don’t know what magnetism is; we don’t know what electricity is; we don’t know what light is. Yet we still use them.
“We have a geometric shape that’s distinctive. By duplicating this shape and aligning it to a north-south axis in which the earth’s magnetic field falls through it, it will trap, resonate or generate this pyramid-type of energy. It has rejuvenation effects to living things and preservation effects to nonliving things. It seems to alter just about everything.”

According to Edwards. after about six months to a year of sleeping under a pyramid grid, the human body will actually start benefiting from rejuvenation effects. “We die because our body falls apart, and there’s really no reason for that. We should be able to live a lot longer. I intend to live at least 200 years”, he said quite seriously.
“I’ve been an artist all my life and I’ve always sought to design something that would create a new feeling in people, something that they haven’t experienced before. My biggest market is art galleries. They want to display these as art that actually radiates energy - where people can get into their metal sculpture, literally jump into it and feel a feeling of well-being and enjoyment.”

With a slight laugh, he added “Now there’s art that will extend your life somewhat.”

Nick Edwards, The Pyramid Man

Nick Edwards, The Pyramid Man

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Pyramid energy products and the Pyramid Sleep System were created by the original "Pyramid Man" Nick Edwards (pictured here with his 5-million volt Pyramid Charger- the "Atom Smasher").